We Make the Truth Clear

MosaicDX brings clarity to complex health conditions and provides the tools to create personalized treatment protocols.

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Precision Testing

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Robust Education

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Simplified Solutions

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The Lab Testing Experience, Simplified

Focus on delivering personalized care to your patients, not on navigating complicated lab test ordering processes.

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Intuitive Portal

Effortless ordering, pricing, and viewing results through our user-friendly dashboard.
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Digital Test Requisition

Get more done in less time with our convenient online kit registration.
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Simplified Sample Collection

Easy steps, visual instructions, proactive guidance, better results.
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Easy to Interpret Results

We translate complex data into easy-to-understand clinical insights.

MosaicEDGE Formerly GPL Academy Education Designed for Greater Expertise

MosaicEDGE empowers practitioners with clinical education aimed at meeting learning objectives to better understand the fundamentals of lab testing while offering insight into the conditions, protocols, and case studies to help reveal the root cause of patient’s underlying illness.

Upcoming Workshops

Speakers Include:
Kurt Woeller, DO

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Clinical Expertise at Your Fingertips

Practitioners can receive personalized guidance and support through virtual consults with our clinical educators to help you understand and apply clinical insights provided by our testing.

With an active MosaicDX practitioner account, you can schedule one-on-one consults to discuss:

  • Result interpretation
  • Follow-up testing strategies
  • Test selection and application
  • Understand additional testing options
  • Broaden your clinical insight