Your sample(s) should already be packaged into either the Test Kit Box or the Purple Bubble Mailer. If not, please refer to your collection instructions.

As a friendly reminder, test kits should only be shipped Monday-Tuesday, except for the stool collections, which should be shipped no later than Tuesday.

Complete the Shipping Documents:

  1. Commercial Invoice is required for customs. You will find 3 completed copies in the kit with your samples. If these are not present, you can download them below.
  1. Declaration of Biological Shipments (required for India and Australia only)
  2. Please list MosaicDX as the “consignee,” indicate that the sample is for “lab research/human non-infectious,” and specify the type of sample (i.e., urine, hair, stool, etc.)
  3. On the second page, you should enter your information as “declarant.” This includes your name, contact information, and email address as directed.

International UPS Shipping Rates

International UPS Shipping Rates for 900 grams. These are rates per package and are in USD. Additional charges will occur if you send samples through multiple packages or if your package exceeds the 900 grams weight threshold. These rates will be charged to your credit card once the sample is received. If you pay with a wire transfer please make sure you add these costs to your wire transfer per package. If you use a different shipping company we will not charge your account. These prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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