Formerly The Great Plains Laboratory

Our Mission

Deliver the industry’s most respected diagnostics, research, and educational support providing practitioners with actionable data from a partner they can trust resulting in informed, science-based diagnostic and wellness strategies tailored to each patient’s unique challenges and environment.

Our History

For over 25 years, we have been pioneering functional medicine testing. First as Great Plains Laboratory and now as Mosaic Diagnostics, our comprehensive testing solutions help identify the root causes of chronic health conditions. If you liked us as Great Plains Laboratory, you’re going to love ​working with us as Mosaic Diagnostics.

A Partner You Can Trust

Our commitment to ensuring accuracy, reliability, and quality in all our tests, combined with our efforts to educate and support practitioners, make MosaicDX a leader in functional medicine testing.


Rely on our CLIA-certified and clinically validated tests for confidence in your lab results.


Trust our experienced clinical teams to deliver accurate and reliable test results in a timely manner.


Benefit from a wealth of expertise accumulated over 25+ years of research and data analysis.


Strengthen practitioners’ ability to uncover the root cause of health issues through education and clinical guidance.


Personalized support tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice and patients.


A straightforward, uncomplicated testing process that minimizes hassle and maximizes efficiency.

Leadership Team

Matthew Bastardi

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Gandy

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Stein

Chief Science Officer

Nichole Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Jay Feldman

Chief Information Officer

Tim Arndt

VP, North American Sales

Salomon Prieto

VP, International Sales

Natalie Lesieur-Molak

VP, Marketing