This webinar will delve into “The Other Side of Methylation” by exploring the intricate relationship between methylation and key neurotransmitters such as serotonin and tryptophan, as well as other related compounds, as they relate to the Organic Acids Test (OAT). Methylation is a complex biochemical process that plays a critical role in various physiological functions, including the production and regulation of neurotransmitters in the brain. Imbalances in methylation pathways can have far-reaching effects on neurotransmitter metabolism, potentially contributing to mood disorders, behavioral issues, and other health problems.

During this webinar, we will explore the latest research on the connection between methylation imbalances and neurotransmitters, with a specific focus on serotonin and tryptophan. We will discuss the role of the OAT in identifying markers of methylation imbalances, and how interpreting these markers can provide valuable insights into a patient’s neurochemical status. The webinar will also cover practical approaches to addressing methylation imbalances and optimizing neurotransmitter metabolism through targeted interventions, including nutritional and lifestyle strategies.

This webinar is designed for healthcare practitioners, functional medicine practitioners, nutritionists, and other health professionals interested in understanding the complex interplay between methylation, serotonin, tryptophan, and other related compounds as they relate to the OAT. Join us to gain valuable insights into “The Other Side of Methylation” and its relevance to optimizing patient care.

Kurt Woeller DO

About the Author

Kurt Woeller, DO

Kurt N. Woeller, DO has been an integrative medicine physician and biomedical Autism specialist for over 20+ years. He is an author of several health books including Autism – The Road To Recovery, Methyl-B12 Therapy For Autism, Methyl-B12 for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, and 5 Things You MUST Do Right Now To Help With Your Rheumatoid Arthritis. He is an international speaker, educator, and practicing clinician offering specialized interventions for individuals with complex medical conditions. His health consulting practice for Autism alone is multinational with families from various countries. Dr. Woeller serves as a clinical and lab consult for Functional Medicine Clinical Rounds, as well as provides educational seminars for Mosaic Diagnostics (formerly Great Plains Laboratory). He is co-founder of Integrative Medicine Academy (, which is an online training academy for health practitioners learning integrative medicine.