Autism, Special Needs (e.g., ADD, ADHD, pervasive development disorder) and Fungal Toxins from Mosaic Diagnostics on Vimeo.


Autism Spectrum Disorders, Special Needs (e.g., ADD, ADHD, pervasive development disorder) and Fungal Toxins


Kurt Woeller, DO, FMAPS


Autism and other special needs individuals often have biochemical and nutritional imbalances that contribute to language, socialization, and behavioral problems. In some situations, these issues are exacerbated by fungal toxins linked to chronic candidiasis and mold-produced compounds. For example, chemical aldehydes from fungus are known to be highly reactive compounds that need to be converted to less toxic forms via converting enzymes and phase detoxification within the liver. These aldehydes and other compounds can have detrimental effects within the body. The use of various nutrients such as N-acetylcysteine (NAC), etc. are often essential in supporting the body against fungal toxins. This lecture designed for health professionals, as well as parents and caregivers will discuss new information related to certain fungal toxins and strategies for treatment.

Q: What specificity of Arabinose? What are other potential sources?

A: Various foods such as apples, apple juice, grapes, pears and more need to be avoided prior to testing. Here is information from the Organic Acids Test page – “Urine: 10 mL of first morning urine before food or drink is suggested. Patients should avoid apples, grapes (including raisins), pears, cranberries, and their juices 48 hours prior to specimen collection. Avoid arabinogalactan, echinacea, reishi mushrooms, and ribose supplements for 48 hours before collection.”

Q: Recommended tests for checking for candida? When should you retest after tx?

A: Organic Acids Test, Stool Analysis, blood IgG antibodies. The most common test is the OAT. It recommended to retest after 90 days.

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Kurt Woeller DO

About the Author

Kurt Woeller, DO, FMAPS

Kurt N. Woeller, DO, FMAPS, is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, integrative and functional medicine physician, and biomedical Autism Treatment Specialist in clinical practice for over 25 years.

Dr. Woeller is the education director and main course developer for his Integrative Medicine Academy (, an online academy for health professionals. He is also the Organic Acids Test (OAT) seminar creator and presenter for Mosaic Diagnostics Laboratory (formally Great Plains Laboratory’s GPL Academy) Mosaic EDGE seminars and has been involved in monthly educational webinars for GPL/Mosaic Diagnostics, and other organizations for over a decade.

His private practice, Sunrise Functional Medicine (, focuses on specialized diagnostic testing and treatments for individuals with complex medical conditions like autism, autoimmune, gastrointestinal, certain neurological disorders, and other chronic health conditions. Dr. Woeller is a Fellow of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS).

He has served as a clinical consultant for various laboratory companies, i.e., Great Plains Laboratory, BioHealth Laboratory, providing health practitioner education regarding functional and integrative medicine.

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