Mycotoxin Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction And Cytotoxicity


Kurt Woeller, DO


Various mycotoxins can have significant adverse effects with regard to cellular function. Through DNA and RNA disruption and/or induction of oxidative stress mycotoxins can lead to various diseases, including cancer. A major target of intracellular mycotoxins are the mitochondria. This lecture by Dr. Kurt Woeller discussed some of the cytotoxic effects of mycotoxins on mitochondrial function.

The following Q+A is a grouping of responses from Dr. Woeller’s presentation.

Q: Is it recommended for all patients who have mycotoxins to have some form of multivitamin therapy since vitamins have a huge impact on the ECT cycle?

A: I think so. I have most everyone on foundational supplements such as a multivitamin.

Q: If you have mold and candida, do you deal with them both simultaneously, or which do you treat first generally?

A: Depends on the severity of the condition, but in general mold because it can make candida worse.

Q: Maple Syrup Urine Disease is a genetic disorder in which a person is unable to break down the branched-chain amino acids. Would riboflavin make a difference in this disorder?

A: Great question and I do not know. It probably might help some.

Q: Is any other way to measure ochratoxin than the Organic Acids Test?

A: Ochratoxin is measured on the MycoTOX Profile from GPL. The OAT does not measure Ochratoxin or any other mycotoxins.

Q: Please indicate treatment strategies for aspergillus mold exposure and mycotoxins for patients with respiratory rx MAST CIRS.

A: This is a very in-depth topic and there are some webinars on the site that address this, as well as seminars that are put on via the MosaicEDGE Workshops.

Q: I had a patient who was higher in gliotoxin than that, and we were able to completely eliminate it in less than 9 days using Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbates. We repeated this several times and got the same results using testing immediately before and immediately after the use of IV-Vitamin C. The whole process took about 9 or 10 days.

A: Awesome. I do see the value in ascorbic acid intervention too.

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Kurt Woeller DO

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Kurt Woeller, DO

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