How Mycotoxins Create Digestive, Neuropsychiatric, And Marriage Issues


Evan Brand, FTNP


Evan Brand, FTNP, shares his experiences, assessments, and protocols helping patients recover from mycotoxin exposure. Learn best practices for diagnosing and creating a care plan to treat patients who are experiencing pain, fog, and behavioral issues due to mycotoxin exposure.

Follow-up Q&A

Q: Hi, does Evan or anyone have experience with burning mouth syndrome? Can mycotoxins and candida create this?

A: Actually yes I do!! And it’s multifactorial but I have found success with lions mane mushroom and other nutrients to help with nerves and blood flow.

Q: Are there particular herbs/binders/supplements that are better for children with mycotoxins and high glyphosate?

A: Not necessarily any different than what you would use in adults! Binders work great in children and can be put in liquid as needed.

Q: My son is autistic. I suspect he has everything, parasites, mycotoxins, heavy metals, etc. I would like to put him on a protocol but I am scared. Is it best to work with a practitioner?
A: Your concern is understandable but it is absolutely best to work with a practitioner, yes. If someone is suspected to be dealing with multiple issues, it’s best to have a practitioner to guide them into addressing the root cause of those issues with the use of quality lab tests and personalized protocols that include not only supplements but diet and lifestyle recommendations as well. 

Q: In this case, we must assume the kid received all of these from the mother (womb) or he acquired from the external environment? Until what age?

A: Most children we see aged 1-10 have mycotoxins. We believe it’s a combination of placental transfer, breast milk, and environmental exposure.

Q: Which company tests petri dishes? Cost?

A: Immunolytics and cost may vary depending on how many plates you order and if you opt for lab analysis. You can find out more information at evanbrand.com/petri

Q: Where can one purchase the petri dishes please? Thanks

A: You can customize a kit and purchase it at evanbrand.com/petri

Q: It seems that the OAT test shows mycotoxins as well. Is it always necessary to test both OAT and Myco-Tox panels?

A: YES, I almost always run the OAT and MYCO together if budget permits.

Q: What role does the vagus nerve play in calming the nervous system?

A: It’s a big piece. I know some about it, but am not a vagus nerve expert. I can tell you that the limbic system is a massive piece to this as well and you MUST work on calming your brain down. I see so many people in society who are constantly stressed and stuck in fight or flight. It’s a disaster. Check out my podcast with Ashok Gupta and also consider limbic retraining like this: evanbrand.com/gupta

Q: Have you seen severe eczema cases with mycotoxins?

A: Absolutely, it’s a big piece of the puzzle. I believe the microbiome imbalances are huge, but also mycotoxins must be removed.

Q: I am suffering from mold illness. I live in TX. I got sick at my first apartment. Worked with a functional doc, detoxed for 3 years and still have ochratoxin at 18. Bought a new home and now I have aspergillus and pencillium and citrinin levels.
A: Mold is not always visible so test your home for mold and remediate as needed, fog afterwards, and use products for maintenance like a cleaning solution for mold, air purifier, etc. At the same time, work with a practitioner to detox properly. If you only detox and don’t deal with mold in your home, it will be a recurring issue.

Q: I’ve had several clients who have done the GI map and GPL food sensitivity tests at the same time. One will show candida and the other doesn’t. Do you know why sometimes it’ll show up on a blood test but not a stool test? (Or vice versa?)

A: Maybe it’s that candida is sticky. I’m not 100% sure. I will say that I’ve run thousands of stool and urine tests in the last decade and the stool has only found candida a handful of times. OAT is best.

Q: How do I get better? I’ve been detoxing for years. I am dizzy, fatigued, hormones messed up, financial issue. This has taken a toll on me, my marriage
A: Work with a practitioner who can help you determine the root cause of your symptoms, address them properly with the use of lab tests, supplements, and diet adjustments, and help you support your body as you detox. Detox protocols (and their effects) can vary per person so it’s best to work with a practitioner who can guide you throughout the process and create a detox protocol that takes your sensitivities,
preference, and lifestyle into consideration.

Q: Do you see belching at night…generally only at night when patient lays down.

A: Hm, I would look into H pylori, and also look at mycotoxins and other dysbiosis issues with stool and urine testing. You may want to try my Microbiome Support 1 product. We’ve had great success with it

Q: Do increases in household dust correlate at all with mold toxicity? Suggestions to help minimize household dust, outside of getting rid of carpet and vacuuming?

A: Dust can encourage mold growth. Get rid of your carpet, use an air purifier, close your windows, don’t bring shoes in, and change sheets regularly. I would also recommend going through the process of testing your home for mold, getting rid of visible mold and sources of moisture (if any), cleaning your vents, doing a fog treatment, and using maintenance products.

Q: What is your opinion on VCS test???

A: It’s a decent free tool that can be done at home. Very convenient but not perfect way to analyze a client’s risk for biotoxin illness.

Q: I have high levels of Aflatoxin-M1 and Ochratoxin A. What herbal supplements should I go ahead and start?!

A: Are you colonized? Did you run an OAT test to look at the potential for candida, dysbiosis, and other issues there? I wouldn’t necessarily recommend herbs for mycotoxins, unless you knew there was a dysbiosis issue of some sort. The best tools for these mycotoxins would be a broad spectrum (clay, charcoal, fulvic acid-blend) binder) to bind those up.

Q: She will stop if necessary. Baby projectile vomits when mom takes binders.

A: WOW! That’s terrible. I would need to look closer at this case to advise further.

Q: What would you recommend as a fogging agent post remediation?

A: A non-toxic and natural fogging solution is best like the Oasis Fogging Solution or you can go for the Aura Fog Kit – you can both find on auraroots.com

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