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Organic Acids and Mycotoxins – Brand New Information About the Correlations Between Mold and Various Chronic Illnesses


William Shaw, PhD


The correlation between mold exposure and chronic illnesses is a growing concern. In this webinar, we will dive into brand new information about the correlations between mold and various chronic illnesses, specifically focusing on the Organic Acids Test (OAT) and mycotoxins. We will discuss the effects of mycotoxins on the body and the ways in which they can be detected through the OAT. Join us as we explore this critical topic and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between mold exposure and chronic illness.

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About the Author

William Shaw, PhD

William Shaw, PhD, is board certified in the fields of clinical chemistry and toxicology by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry. Before he founded The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc., Dr. Shaw worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Children’s Mercy Hospital, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Medicine, and Smith Kline Laboratories.