This groundbreaking webinar explores the role of low cholesterol as a major new factor in autism. Cholesterol, long associated with cardiovascular health, is now emerging as a potential contributor to the development and severity of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Recent research has uncovered a link between low cholesterol levels and increased risk of ASD, as well as potential impacts on brain development, function, and behavior. Dr. Shaw will delve into the latest findings on the role of cholesterol in ASD, including the potential mechanisms through which low cholesterol may impact brain health and contribute to autism. They will also discuss the clinical implications of this research, including potential strategies for assessing and addressing cholesterol levels in individuals with autism. This webinar is a must-attend for healthcare professionals, researchers, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the role of cholesterol in autism and its clinical implications for individuals on the autism spectrum.

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About the Author

William Shaw, PhD

William Shaw, PhD, is board certified in the fields of clinical chemistry and toxicology by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry. Before he founded The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc., Dr. Shaw worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Children’s Mercy Hospital, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Medicine, and Smith Kline Laboratories.