Mosaic EDGE (formerly GPL Academy) has been educating practitioners for over 15 years on how to help patients heal through cutting-edge testing, research and protocols. In our recent 3-Day Environmental Toxin Summit, speakers focused on the epidemics of environmental toxins and pathogen exposure after a foundation of the OAT is presented. Speakers reviewed patient cases and present testing and treatment protocols for toxin and mold-induced illnesses.

The following Q+A is a grouping of responses from a distinguished pool of speakers who participated in the Environmental Toxin Summit with their own unique topics

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Q: Do you see these mycotoxins eliminated with binders on follow up? What do you suggest for patients with constipation?

A: Yes. Plenty of fluids, and magnesium powder if needed.

Q: Has the level and/or distribution of mold and mycotoxins in food changed with climate changes and soil depletion?

A: I do not know, but it would not surprise me at all if that was the case.

Q: What is an example of nasal anti-fungals?

A: Nystatin, itraconazole (compounding pharmacy)

Q: Have you seen any good data with foot detox?

A: No. None. I keep asking them to provide some.

Q: Antifungal nasal spray, more info?

A: Comounding pharmacies like hopkinton do this.

Q: What is your rx for high Citrin levels? What are your main concerns about this?

A: Nothing special for that mycotoxin. Same treatment protocols.

Q: Are you treating with antifungals orally?

A: Yes, when indicated.

Q: After you have remediated and taken binders when do you treat with anti fungal?

A: When there is evidence/concern for systemic mold/yeast.

Q: After you remediate and take binders when you treat with antifungals. what is the rtinale for the various medications?

A: Fluconazole has a lot of resistance so not used often, voriconazole has cns penetration if indicated.