Mosaic EDGE (formerly GPL Academy) has been educating practitioners for over 15 years on how to help patients heal through cutting-edge testing, research and protocols. In our recent 3-Day Master Practitioner Workshop, speakers shared detailed information on how the MycoTOX Profile, IgG Food MAP and Glyphosate Test can work for you. As well as gave additional information about markers in the OAT and GPL-TOX.

The following Q+A is a response to remaining questions speakers were unable to answer during their presentations.

The material contained within this article is not intended to replace the services and/or medical advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner, nor is it meant to encourage diagnosis and treatment of disease. It is for educational purposes only. Any application of suggestions set forth in the following portions of this article is at the reader’s discretion and sole risk. Implementation or experimentation with any supplements, herbs, dietary changes, medications, and/or lifestyle changes, etc., is done so at your sole risk and responsibility.

Q: So if patient with likely phenol overload from SIBO, but also has mycotoxin and oxalic acid issue, what to treat first – the gut?

A: The gut is Phase 0 detoxification – literally detoxification starts in the gut before it even begins in the body. If we are trying to cleanse the metabolic tissues of a toxic patient, but the gut is completely out of order and dysfunctional, then we will not see the best results. Always treat SIBO and other chronic, hidden gut infections first as that opens up the pathways for improved detoxification as the treatment process goes on. You might treat SIBO for 3- or 4-months max, then shift to helping with mycotoxins, mold, heavy metals, xenoestrogens, etc…just depends on what your patient needs.

Q: What if a patient with this high dopamine presentation does WORSE on taurine and TUDCA bile salts?

A: Some people just do not tolerate taurine well. It is a very small minority of people, but they do exist. Studies have shown a relationship to people with psoriasis and an intolerance to taurine. So even though certain supplements are very neutral and well tolerated, you will always find one or two people who are just sensitive in ways that are different from everyone else.

Q: What if someone is missing their Ileocecal valve, (cancer cut out), PLUS no gall bladder? Plus, daily PCN due to no spleen and immune deficiency? What is this person at risk for and how do they fix SIBO?

A: In our experience herbs and natural anti-microbials are well tolerated even by complex patients such as this. Someone without their ICV could perform bowel massages to help regulate peristalsis in the correct direction. They will likely need long-term herbal support to kill excess bacteria and yeast that inevitably get into the small intestine. They will need support for their upper GI tract like betaine HCl, pancreatic enzymes, and bile support (choline, methionine, taurine, ox bile, etc.). They can only fix SIBO by helping to correct the environment in the small intestine, and that will require consistent attention.

Q: So then what can that patient do? Also they have PPI due to GESR and ever increasing brain fog (used to think just due to chemo but suddenly has worsened significantly in the last year, since the pandemic).

A: PPI therapy is a guarantee of nutritional deficiency. That is what we see in practice as the number one problem in our patients – poor nutrient status be it Vit. C, or Vit. D, or any other of the 50 nutrients we need. The goal is to get patients off these PPI medications using any and all available natural medicine tools. Anything that improves the stomach function of our patients will improve their health, and any drug that interferes with normal stomach physiology is a big problem for the long-term health of our patients.

Q: Is this why certain service dogs can smell BS, blood sugar drops? Cancer etc.? phenols vocs, mind blowing…

A: Most likely yes.

Q: What causes flushing when taking high-quality B complexes– SIBO?

A: Any strange or paradoxical reaction to supplements should be investigated as a hidden gut problem until proven otherwise.

Q: So mycotoxins increase aldehydes and also clog up pathway towards COMT and glyphosate can inhibit aromatic aminos, so could things “balance” out, but still be toxic?

A: It’s possible that there are many mechanisms at play and that people can be “balanced out” but still heavily toxic. Best idea is to test and treat these hidden problems and get the balanced without the toxic side effects.

Q: How does mold affect dopamine?

A: Mold inhibits the ability of the body to breakdown catecholamines, so the higher the mold the more slowly dopamine and other catecholamines will be processed which can lead to dangerously high levels of half-way-broken-down dopamine. Mold produces toxic VOC chemicals (essentially indoor pollution) that must be metabolized through Phase 2 pathways in the liver and kidney. If mold levels are high, there is less bandwidth available for dopamine to get processed correctly. We tend to see people with mold exposure as individuals who cannot adequately metabolize their catecholamines due to the interference from the mold poisons the liver is trying to break down.

Q: Could you provide references for the nutrients to decrease/increase Dopamine?

A: References can be found by searching the PubMed library…sorry nothing convenient to share or hand out on this one.

Q: Patient with intermittent PVCs for several years after mold exposure intermittent anxiety completely resolved with B6 50mg daily. What’s the mechanism?

A: Could be multiple things, but B6 with lower SIBO and it is a cofactor for ALT enzyme in the Liver so it will upregulate detox reliably as well.

Q: Same protocols for SIFO as SIBO…. ? What do you think SIFO is?

A: SIBO protocol is more strict than a protocol required to treat SIFO, so if you treat SIBO you will also help reduce the fungal burden in parallel with the bacterial overgrowth.