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TOXDetect Profile Test Report Explainer Video

TOXDetect Profile is specifically designed to help identify exposure to environmental toxicants and guide a targeted prevention and treatment plan. Our enhanced test report provides results in an easily comprehensible format, empowering practitioners with essential insights and actionable clinical utility for informed decision-making.

Curious to delve deeper into the new TOXDetect Profile test report? Join us for a quick 3-minute video preview.

Key Features on the Report Include:

  1. Summary of Elevated Results: Highlights elevated environmental toxicants at the beginning of the report for quick reference.
  2. Improved Readability: Results are categorized by environmental toxicant class for convenient referencing, enhanced by visually intuitive graphic results.
  3. Comprehensive Test Results: Presents results for all toxicants measured categorized into chemical classes including phthalates, VOCs, pesticides, and other important toxicants, for thorough analysis.
  4. Detailed Interpretations: Revised interpretations from literature review provide a succinct overview of the toxicant, potential exposure routes, health effects, and insights into its metabolic processes, facilitating comprehensive treatment planning.