Mosaic EDGE (formerly GPL Academy) has been educating practitioners for over 15 years on how to help patients heal through cutting-edge testing, research and protocols. In our recent 2-Day OAT + TOX Workshop, speakers extolled the virtues of comprehensive metabolic tests like the Organic Acids Test (OAT) and the MycoTOX Profile to help with difficult-to-diagnose patients.

The participants heard ways of how to implement these tests along with other diagnostic assessments, as well as effective treatment methods.

The following Q+A is a response to remaining questionsour participating speakers were unable to answer during their presentations.

The material contained within this article is not intended to replace the services and/or medical advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner, nor is it meant to encourage diagnosis and treatment of disease. It is for educational purposes only. Any application of suggestions set forth in the following portions of this article is at the reader’s discretion and sole risk. Implementation or experimentation with any supplements, herbs, dietary changes, medications, and/or lifestyle changes, etc., is done so at your sole risk and responsibility.

Q: please repeat info on companies that have lymphatic support supplements.

A: Beyond balance and wish garden have lymph supports

Q: With the legalization of marijuana, I have not heard anyone discuss the mold in marijuana.

A: I have heard of moldy cannabis; you could grind it up and put it on a mold petri dish to test it

Q: How can you detect mold in coffee which is drank daily for thousands?

A: It’s a very common issue.

Q: Can you talk about how to detox children under five from mycotoxins?

A: Would prefer to discuss this on a consult, but in general, gentle binders like liquid chlorella, small doses of charcoal mixed with applesauce. Email me at if you need more help.

Q: Do the mycotoxins cross into the eggs produced by exposed poultry?

A: Sounds reasonable to me.

Q: Which markers on the OAT are indicative of mold toxicity? And what levels are considered high?

A: Page one shows mold colonization but the MycoTOX Profile is what looks at actual toxin levels.

Q: Where would we find a source for nebulizable glutathione and a protocol?

A: Thernaturals carries the one for the nebulizer, we mix it with 2-3ml of saline and 1 cap glutathione and put into nebulizer to breathe it in

Q: Are you not concerned with using medicinal mushrooms with mold and fungal overgrowth?

A: No, I’ve never found it to be an issue, even with those that have histamine issues.

Q: What do you think about treating heavy metals with mold? Do you have an order of operations with that? And what about with EBV as well?

A: The binders are broad spectrum and we likely fix both at the same time.

Q: Is it harder to treat mold when eating high-histamine foods?

A: Histamine issues due to mast cell activation and mold issues are common, lower histamine diets can be helpful to lower the work.

Q: Are you familiar with Beth O’Hara’s work with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?

A: Yes, Beth is a very nice woman and has done a great job of educating the public about mast cell and histamine issues

Q: What sauna do you recommend? If you can’t afford a big one, what about the portable one. Is it effective?

A: I have the ClearLight, tell them Evan sent you for a discount. I don’t know much about portable ones but heard Therasage 360 is decent.

Q: For high dose choline, have you seen blood sugar problems increase?

A: Never

Q: Do you use either phosphatidylserine or phosphatidylcholine or use both at same time?

A: I use both at the same time for different purposes.

Q: What herbs did you use to treat H. Pylori?

A: My microbiome support 1 formula on

Q: Have you had much success in treating mycoplasma infection and what did you use?

A: I have success with mycoplasma using astragalus and cats claw.

Q: How did you do the test for babies from a distance? What company are you using for lyme and co-infection testing?

A: DNA connexions urine test

Q: I have a patient on binders and he can’t live without them. Given binders inhibit absorption of everything, how long can I keep him on them?

A: Forever. Ask Dr. Neil Nathan

Q: Can you state again the company you use for the petri-dishes?

A: Immunolytics

Q: Thoughts on ERMI home testing?

A: It is ok. I like petri dishes better.

Q: Herbs can be very powerful, are you concerned about doing damage to the microbiome?

A: No

Q: What have you researched to be the best HVAC filtering? Do you recommend UV light in the HVAC system?

A: I recommend point of contact filters like Austin Air. UV is ok.