After you’ve placed a patient’s order, they will receive a confirmation email from

If the patient is paying for their own lab, this email will contain instructions and a link to submit their address and test payment. Additionally, courtesy reminders will be sent to the patient if a certain amount of time has passed without their confirmation to avoid

Our cancellation policy is designed to provide flexibility as
changes occur. View our cancellation policy or contact customer support for details.

To securely register your MosaicDX test kit, you can scan the QR code located inside the kit or visit

After collecting your sample, refer to the shipping instruction card for the next steps and use the prepaid label to return the kit hassle-free. If you need additional guidance, you can watch a tutorial video on registering your MosaicDX kit on our website.

Keep track of your patients’ lab samples with our live sample status tracking feature within your MosaicDX portal, ensuring efficient communication and planning for their follow-up appointments.

This step-by-step instructional video will demonstrate how you can easily search and filter your patients pending and completed results.  

Patients with high toxic levels are at greater risk of concomitant exposure from all toxins. For patients with specific exposure history, practitioners can order individual panels or combine profiles to identify or more rapidly reduce or remove multiple sources of toxin exposure:

These test can all be done from one urine sample:

  1. Visit AnyLabTest Now to find a location near you.
    1. Schedule an appointment online, call for assistance, or just show up for your lab test — no appointment necessary.
    2. Bring the following to your appointment:
      1. Payment for specimen collection and processing fee.
      2. Test collection kit
      3. Included gel pack (freeze ahead of time)
      4. Collection instructions
      5. Test Requisition Form with doctor’s signature
      6. UPS return bag (included in the test kit)
  2. Alpha Phlebotomy Group offers three options
    1. In Home Collections – where the phlebotomist comes to you. Fees include per collection rates and mileage.
    2. Collection Draw Site Locations – where APG provides you with a location that is familiar with MosaicDX orders. Prices for collections vary by phlebotomist.
    3. Mobile Event Collections for Groups – Have a group of 20 blood collections? Create a blood draw corporate or wellness event. Events require a minimum of 6 draws per hour otherwise additional hourly fees may apply along with specific pricing per participant.
  3. Los Angeles and Orange County Areas: Contact Mobile Phlebotomy Service
    1. They will complete the blood draw directly from your home. Call 909-985-5562 to make an appointment. Standard hours of operation are 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  4. Kansas City Metro Areas: Contact Test Smartly Labs.
    1. Collection hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at all four of the TSL Kansas City area locations. Call 816-800-9699 to set up your appointment.

Please refer to your test’s specific Test Preparation and Instructions for more information regarding the potential effects of medications, foods, and supplements on this test. 

You make also consult your healthcare provider prior to making any changes to your medications.

Test turnaround times vary by test, we provide estimates by test on the specific test page with most results available 7-20 days after receipt at our lab.

Detailed order tracking is available in the your  MosaicDX Portal.

Mosaic Diagnostics offers written interpretations within test reports and complimentary consultations with our clinical educators for qualified practitioners. To schedule a consultation, simply sign in to your MosaicDX account and book a consultation online. 

We encourage all patients to discuss results with your practitioner.

Our Resources tab also contains educational materials that you may find useful, we also offer MosaicEDGE workshops for qualified practitioners to better understand the fundamentals of lab testing.

MosaicDX offers pediatric collection bags with adhesive tape for pediatric patients who have not been toilet trained. These bags can be used to collect urine from infants or young children. To request pediatric collection bags, please contact our Customer Service team

Check your test statuses, locate results and view your account information directly through your MosaicDX account. You can also watch this step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to navigating these key features within your patient portal.  

To help you fully understand your test results, MosaicDX test reports translates complex data into easy-to-understand clinical insights. We strongly recommend discussing the results with your practitioner to ensure you have a clear understanding and any necessary next steps.