Increasing Immune Resilience


Jean Lawrence, ND


Our patients and our families are facing more immune challenges than ever before. People will usually wait until a crisis occurs before seeking help – and then it may be too late or takes longer than usual to recover.

Find out the signs of poor immune function, how to support the people who depend on you, and how to shorten recovery time in everyone you see!


Learning Objectives:

1. Find out the underlying reasons for immune issues;

2. See the connection between adrenal health and recovery from infection;

3. Learn ways to boost your patients immune response;

4. The lifestyle choices that hinder our immune systems.

This time only, Dr. Lawrence has given special permission for access to the presentation slides. Download the PDF slides.

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About the Author

Jean Lawrence, ND

Dr. Jean Lawrence is a nationally recognized speaker on the subject of whole food nutrition. She has been a Certified Nutritionist for over 18 years. In addition, Dr. Lawrence is a Master Herbalist, Doctor of Naturopathy, a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and has a PhD in Natural Medicine. Dr. Lawrence has completed advanced training to help people with cognitive issues. She is currently training in genetic nutrition therapy.