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December 8, 2021

On November 12-14, 2021, Mosaic EDGE (formerly GPL Academy) hosted the Environmental Toxin Summit in San Diego, CA as well as streamed online simultaneously. This three-day event focused on the epidemics of toxin exposure, including both toxic chemicals in our environment and mycotoxins from mold. These toxins can cause symptoms of many acute and chronic health disorders. Those who attended the summit learned how to use effective diagnostic and treatment protocols for their patients with toxin exposure and get them on the road to recovery.

The following Q+A is a grouping of responses from Dr. Woeller’s presentations.

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Q: If you have been supplementing with Lithium orotate 10mg and the hair test comes back HIGH do you back down, stop, or just continue at the same dose? The child has high Glutamate marker on Neurotransmitter test.

A: I would personally back down to the 4.8 mg dose and retest again in 90 days, particularly if there have been some positive changes. If there is no significant change, then I would likely just discontinue the supplement.

Q: Based on various research studies, it has been shown Biocidin can treat primary hyperhidrosis. Would you recommend long-term daily Biocidin dosing or implementation of a cyclic protocol over a shortened period?

A: For this, I would recommend a long-term daily dosing versus cyclical dosing.

Q: Why did you choose Biocidin capsules vs drops?

A: I do not remember the specifics for that particular case. Usually, it comes down to taste sensitivity of a child versus their ability to swallow capsules.

Q: Did you increase the dose slowly?

A: No.

Q: Was there a die-off at full dose?

A: It did not happen in that case, but that is a possibility. Therefore, starting at a lower dose is okay to do if you get the sense die-off could happen.

Q: How did you choose Flagyl dose of 250 mg tid for the 2-year-old?

A: The medications were being handled by another physician since the child lived in another state. It was a higher dose for sure with the child having already been through multiple other treatments up to that point that were unsuccessful.

Q: I am a bit unclear but is it ok to continue Vit C with high oxalates?

A: This is a controversial situation, and it is not clear cut in every situation. There are quite a few studies and reference websites for kidney stone sufferers that describe up to 2000mg daily oral of Vitamin C to be okay. Therefore, in my experience modest dosing of ascorbic acid, e.g., 250mg to 500mg daily has been fine. I have even gone to 2000mg daily and not seen any problems. However, in most situations, I keep the dosing to less than 500mg daily but do not stop it entirely.

Q: What cholesterol triggers your concern as I find iCNS issues with 120 -135? Is it a variable number depending on the severity of the CNS presentation?

A: Yes. I have seen people who have a total cholesterol of 120 (or lower) and seem fine. In others that value is problematic for them.

Q: Can you augment a 165?

A: At this level I would not be supplementing with Sonic Cholesterol.

Kurt N. Woeller, DO

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Kurt N. Woeller, DO has been an integrative medicine physician and biomedical autism specialist for over 20+ years. He is an author of several health books including Autism – The Road To Recovery, Methyl-B12 Therapy For Autism, Methyl-B12 for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, and 5 Things You MUST Do Right Now To Help With Your Rheumatoid Arthritis. He is an international speaker, educator, and practicing clinician offering specialized interventions for individuals with complex medical conditions. His health consulting practice for autism alone is multinational with families from various countries. Dr. Woeller serves as a clinical and lab consult for Functional Medicine Clinical Rounds, as well as provides educational seminars for Great Plains Laboratory, LLC. He is co-founder of Integrative Medicine Academy, which is an online training academy for health practitioners learning integrative medicine.