Currently, there are no established guidelines for retesting mycotoxins after intervention. However, some healthcare providers recommend retesting at 3-6 months, 12 months, and annually as part of a wellness screen. Individuals with severe mold and mycotoxin-related illnesses may require more frequent testing. 

Mosaic Diagnostics offers written interpretations within test reports and complimentary consultations with our clinical educators for qualified practitioners. To schedule a consultation, simply sign in to your MosaicDX account and book a consultation online. 

We encourage all patients to discuss results with your practitioner.

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Different samples have different expiration dates. In general, stool and blood (from blood draw) have shorter viability, and we would suggest that you collect those later than some other samples such as urine and Dried Blood Spot (DBS).

Please see list below for guidance on sample viability:

  • Hair – No expiration date
  • Buccal Swab for DNA Methylation – 2 months
  • Saliva for Hormones Test – 2 months (frozen)
  • Urine* – 30 days (frozen)
  • Dried Blood Spot (DBS) – 21 days
  • Stool – 5 days after day 2 collection
  • Blood Draw (all types) – Ship immediately on the same day

*Urine – Porphyrins Test is viable for 14 days (frozen)